Company Values

Principles of our business

We stand for customer satisfaction

  • We are at your disposal at any time.
  • We keep the schedule without hiding behind any excuses.
  • We keep our contractual obligations and verbal commitments.
  • We are available for any order volume.
  • We are working on technically and economically optimized solutions.
  • We will let you know, if your requirements are beyond our competence.

We care for safety

  • We work with the latest technology.
  • If we feel the need, we will take additional measures.
  • We train our staff in handling risks.
  • We provide efficient personal protective equipment for our staff.

We run our business with success

  • We act farsightedly for a long-term profit.
  • We generate resources for further investments.
  • This is the basis for training and continuing education programs for our staff and
  • it is the reason why we are strong even in economically hard times.

We are proud of our dedicated and highly motivated staff

  • We reward commitment and work performance.
  • We offer apprenticeship and continuing education.
  • We train our staff regularly.

We stand for a stable proprietor structure

  • We count on continuity and
  • we seek for the long-term success.

We ensure stability in management

  • We give our clients the confidence of a long-term business relationship.